Project Synopsis

NO LIMIT TALENT HUNT is another trail blazing content from the stable of LEE Entertainment Ltd and will be a first of its kind Lagos-State Reality Show for people living with disabilities. It’s a no-house talent competition amongst exceptional and talented people chosen from schools for the physically challenged and it is also opened to every home with such talents.

The event is to happen in 3 phases with the first and second phases for the general audition or display of their talents, they will be allowed to showcase their skills and 20 of them will be selected by a carefully selected panel of judges which will be reduced to 10

The event would be capped with the top 10 finalist mounting the stage at a colorful and well tailored event where one person will be crowned the winner
We have set out to continuously empower these special people with skills and information that will guide them and make them become useful for themselves in the future and not depending on the government or the society.